YIELD: 1 jar


2 – peels from large, ripe oranges

Fresh hot peppers*

8 oz. – honey


Grate the two orange peels into small sauce pan; add the honey and mix well. While holding each pepper by the stem, use sharp scissors to cut THIN cross sections (seeds and all) into the honey-orange peel mixture. Taste after adding each pepper, adding more if desired. Put pan on medium heat, stirring constantly. DO NOT ALLOW THE HONEY TO BOIL. When mixture is well-blended and thoroughly heated (just starting to steam), spoon it into a freshly washed glass jar – like jam jar – and cover immediately. Once cool, it’s ready – and does not need refrigeration after opening. *Fresh hot peppers: your choice of variety and quantity. Recommended: Serranos, Guam “Boonie Peppers”, or other small Asian peppers – maybe even a single, fresh Jalapeno.

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