YIELD: Makes 1 cocktail


2 cups – ice cubes, divided

2 oz. – cold brew coffee

2 tsp. – orange blossom honey, or 1 T orange blossom honey simple syrup (see tips below)

1 oz. – gin

1 cup – tonic water

fresh orange rind, for garnish


Chill glass with one cup of ice; remove once adequately chilled and discard 

Measure cold brew coffee, orange blossom honey and gin into chilled glass 

Stir to incorporate; fill glass with one cup of remaining ice 

Top with tonic water 

Garnish with fresh orange rind  


Honey simple syrup is a great way to incorporate honey into drinks with ease. 

To serve for a group of 8, use portions listed below and batch the cold brew coffee, gin and orange blossom honey or honey syrup into a pitcher. Invite guests to pour over ice and top with tonic water and garnish. 

  • 16 oz. cold brew coffee
  • 5 T and 1 tsp. orange blossom honey or 8 T orange blossom honey 
  • 8 oz. gin

Recipe courtesy of mixologist Julia Momose, made for the National Honey Board

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