Background: The world has left very few of its last line agents to fight against the common infectious diseases due to the rapidly growing
phenomenon of bacterial resistance. Penicillin and amoxicillin-clavulanic acid are among the antibiotics which have already lost their efficacy
against resistant bacteria. Thus, the present study was aimed to rejuvenate these two antibiotics supplemented by Lychee Honey as a natural agent.
Methods: The study was performed against four-gram positive bacteria where the standard antibiotics and Lychee honey were applied to assess
their individual efficacy. Afterwards, the standards were conjugated with lychee honey to evaluate the boosted potential of the combinations. Zone of
inhibition, percentage inhibition, minimum inhibitory concentration and minimum bactericidal concentration were observed in this regard.
Results: Data demonstrated that against all four bacteria, lychee honey alone was able to inhibit the bacterial growth to very little extent (56.5%
against S. epidermidis) whereas the standards showed mild to medium inhibitory potential (64.8% by Amoxiclav and 60.7% by Penicillin against
S. epidermidis). However, the combination of lychee honey with penicillin and amoxiclav separately demonstrated a synergistic action in all tested
Conclusion: All findings suggested that lychee honey not only possess inhibitory effect but also facilitates other agents’ action, thereby,
generating a scope for research for identifying new potential antibacterial agents.

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