Lychee Honey – Antioxident

Among the panoply of food products, honey has been used since prehistoric times as an effective healing,
antiseptic, antioxidant and antibacterial therapy. The present research aimed to investigate erstwhile
undocumented litchi honey samples from Bangladesh, for its antioxidant and physico-chemical
parameters that may increase knowledge of product quality in a given geographic area, as well as its
commercial value. Three litchi honey samples were collected from different regions of Gazipur and
Tangail district, Bangladesh. The major physicochemical properties such as- moisture, ash, protein, fat,
carbohydrate, energy content, pH and TSS were measured. Although the physicochemical parameters of
the honey samples varied, most of the honey samples were in the acceptable range of international
standards. Results indicated that total phenolic content ranged from 33.241 to 34.824 mg Gallic acid/
100g, flavonoid content varied between 4.024 and 4.954 mg Catechin/100 g and vitamin C was found in
the range 13.612 to14.636 mg/100g, indicating a high antioxidant potential. The study revealed that
Bangladeshi litchi honey samples maintain the international honey standards and contain a good source
of antioxidants.

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